This installment of wellness tips is going to bring us back to a health focus.  As a Realtor, I’ve show a lot of homes.  One of the first things you can tell when you step in the doorway is if it was a smokers home.  

It’s almost always a deal killer.  I’ve taken clients into their dream home, only to have them pass because of the smell.  After reading the article below, I now realize that there’s more to it than just the smell.  It can actually be a health concern!

What is left behind isn’t just a smell, it’s a residue called third hand smoke.  And it’s been linked to cancer due to the residue.  But there is some hope, if you JUST HAVE TO BUY that dream home anyway.  It’s going to require some major cleaning (perhaps even professionally) and probably repainting at the very least.  Check out the article to see what some of the steps are to make sure that new home is safe for you and your family!

Should You Buy a Smoker’s House? How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smells